Athena 11 Very Rose/Hundley
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Athena 11  Very Rose/Hundley<BR> <font size = 2><font color =blue>click pic to enlarge</font>
Item# ATH11

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How it plays:
~ Firm hit similar to a Joss or Schon cue.
~ Weights range between 17oz and 21 oz

TIP: 12.5 mm proprietary tip
FERRULE: 1" Fiber ferrule
SHAFT: 28.5 inch Hard Rock Maple shaft with a 10" pro taper. Shaft also has a black collar with a thin silver ring and piloted brass insert.
JOINT: Piloted 5/16x18 pin with a steel collar.
FOREARM: The forearm is encasedin two black rings with thin silver rings inside. The forearm is natural stained maple with seven rose overlays.
WRAP: Black with white spec Irish linen
SLEEVE: The sleeve is burgundy stained maple encasedin black rings with thin silver rings inside.
PLATE: Black with gold Athena emblem with brass ring at bottom
BUMPER: Threaded black rubber that unscrews so you can add the extension.
EXTENSION: Threaded brass collar on a 10" Ebony stained maple extension.