Extra Shaft New QR Pin

Extra Shaft New QR Pin
Item# ES-QRP

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-Extra shaft for the5280 series cues with the Quick-Release joint. Available in 12mm or 13mm tips.
- Tip: New 5280 RLT (red line tip) made by Tiger 7 layered pigskin tip
- Ferrule: Ivorene-3 fiber linen
- Shaft: AAA grade Canadian hard rock maple, 29" with 13" pro taper and black collar with
thin silver accent ring.
- Joint: Unique5280 joint is polished stainless steel that seals contact with the shaft for a
perfect fit every time.

5280QRXS 13mm or 12mm
- FITS: ELE02-09,
PK01, PK03, PK04, PK06
MH04, MH06, MH11