Mezz Dual Force Break Jump Cue
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Mezz Dual Force Break Jump Cue<BR> <font size = 2><font color =blue>click pic to enlarge</font>
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Selling Points:
~ Mezz's unique treatment method, meticulous assembly, precision fit and superior craftsmanship all come together to create a cue of exceptional quality and playability.
~ The United Joint is Mezz's newest innovation in cue joint design and the most solid system available. Its unique construction ensures precise butt shaft alignment every time.
~ The combination of American and Japanese technologies truly holds it own to the Japanese definition for Mezz - something that is loved, something that is treasured

Tip: 13mm sonic triangle tip, paper fiber tip plate
Ferrule: bakelite ferrule
Shaft: New Deep Impact break shaft
Joint: The new Mezz D2 joint system
Rings: Single silver ring
Forearm: Black Composite
Wrap: Mesh leather grip
Sleeve: Thick mother of pearl band between two silver rings
Plate: laminated Rosewood impregnated with a phenolic resin
Bumper: x-rubber bumper