Meucci Pogo Stick Jump Cue
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Item# MEUJ

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How it plays:
~ Softer more consistent hit.
~ Reduced cue ball deflection.

Selling Points:
~ Meucci cues are built with one priority in mind - give every player more power with less effort.
~ Using the proprietary Myth Destroyer testing robot Meucci builds shafts and butts that are more flexible causing less cue ball deflection.
~ Unique joint and ferrule design allow for maximum performance with minimum effort and the butt splice design increases amplification of stroke while diminishing warpage.
~ Meucci's are the only cues balanced far enough back for automatic grip positioning every time.
~ The black Dot Bullseye Shaft is the most consistent, hi tech, peak performing cue shaft that is flat-laminated from35 Northern Hard Rock Maple laminations.
~ The radial consistency of this shaft is equal to Natural Hard Maple or any of the pie-laminated shafts presently on the market.
~ The less than 2% spine differential of this shaft is marked with the Black Dot Bullseye for those who can detect slight nuances and play to this extremely high level.

Weight Changes:
~ Weight bolts are removed with a flat head screwdriver or with a 5/16" Allen wrench

Meucci Pogo Jump Cue

Tip: 13mm Phenolic Tip
Ferrule: 1.25" Black polycarbonate ferrule
Shaft: 29" hard rock maple shaft with a 14"-16" pro taper and brass insert
Collar: Black high impact composite material
Joint 1: Flat faced wood to wood 5/16x18 pin
Jump Butt 1: 11.75" Brown Stained Maple Curly Maple Jump Handle
Joint 2: None, second 5/16x18 joint with matching black collars on each side
Jump Butt 2: 12.25" Brown Stained Maple Curly Maple Jump Handle
Butt Plate: Black composite material with silver Meucci logo
Bumper: Black rubber

Additional Information:

  • This cue does not come with joint protectors. We suggest Meucci Joint Protectors model #JPMEU
  • Replacement bumpers are available.
  • This cue is not weight changeable.