QK-S Artillery 2/3 White Case
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QK-S Artillery 2/3 White Case<BR> <font size = 2><font color =blue>click pic to enlarge</font>
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Overview 2x3 isn't something you see very often, which always surprises me since the size makes so much sense. If you have a shooting cue, a breaking cue and a jumper, a 2x3 is exactly what you need. Just drop the jump butt into the jump butt pocket and you're good to go.

Colors: Grey
Shape: Square
Material: Vinyl
Pockets: 3, 16 inch jump butt pocket, 6 & 16 inch accessory pockets
Base: Plastic feet
Length: 34.5 inches
Structure: Tubes with nylon divider
Lining: Lycra style sport fabric
Direction: Shaft inserts tip down
Butt: Butt inserts pin down
Length: Fits up to 31" shaft