Scorpion 1/1 Grey
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Scorpion 1/1 Grey<BR> <font size = 2><font color =blue>click pic to enlarge</font>
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Scorpion Grip Series Cue Case

1 butt and 1 shaft hard tube case

Shape and Material: Oval shape made of Vinyl

Design: Each case has a color mixed with black and white highlights. The Scorpion logo is on each pocket, the base of the case and shoulder strap

Colors: Blue, pink, red, grey and yellow

Pockets: One small accessory pocket

Interior Structure: Poures rubber mold casing with felt lining
Direction: Shaft and butt can insert either way
Length: Exterior is 33" long, Interior will hold a shaft or butt up to 31"
Shoulder strap on side, Scorpion logo on pocket, side of case and on strap