Scorpion SCOBKP Break Cue - PINK
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Scorpion SCOBKP Break Cue - PINK<BR> <font size = 2><font color =blue>click pic to enlarge</font>

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How it plays:
~ Scorpion cues have a stiff hit
~ Scorpion break cue specifically balanced to maximize power
~ Nickel silver Power rings for a better grip

Selling Points:
~ Scorpion cues are armor protected with fiberglass to provide protection against warping and dings.
~ Developed especially for four-time world champion, Johnny Archer.
~ Every Scorpion two-piece cue comes with a set of Joint Protectors.
~ This cue is balanced to maximize stroke velocity and delivers a greater energy transfer through the tip and stainless steel ferrule technology. Raised "Power Rings" allow for better grip and control.

Weight Changes:
~ Weight changes are possible.

Tip: Hard leather tip for designed for breaking
Ferrule: Steel
Shaft: Pink colored fiberglass coated wood shaft. The plastic insert in the shaft protects from outside conditions.
Joint: Steel collar with black and thin silver rings. The joint also has a plastic insert to protect from outside conditions.
Pin: 3/8x14
Butt Construction:
-wood core
-fiberglass shield
-transfer design
-clear coating
Wrap: None
Butt Sleeve:Pink with silver Power Rings
Butt Cap:Black rubber